How It’s Like To Be A Male Escort in Toronto?

I know it is not unheard of but male escorts, though representing minority community in the escort industry, are in great demand in a diverse city like Toronto. I’m among those straight male Toronto escorts who chose to be what they are.

What if I tell you that being a straight male escort working for a reputed escort agency, I have 100% retention rate of my clients? Ladies love me. Maybe because I’m tall, handsome and have a great size but, they love spending time with me. Infact, forget about the size as the next thing which I’m about to tell you can blow your minds off!

One day I was sipping a cup of my regular coffee when I got a mail from my agency. A woman named Elisha (not the real name of-course) had hired my services with full payment upfront. She was in Paris and she paid $7000 for 2 days of my companionship. Yes, we make that sort of money.

Now, since this was my first trip to Paris, I was super excited. Although I knew what I was paid to do, I somehow was delighted to visit Paris. When I reached there and checked in to the hotel, Elisha came and locked the door. She was a 35-36 years old married woman with a splendid figure. She ordered some wine and we got drunk. She was quite friendly in nature and we got going. One thing let to another and we started kissing and making out. We made out atleast for 2 hours and had an intimate evening.

In my mind, it was a business trip with no scope of travelling the exotic locations of Paris but  this turned out to be exactly opposite of that. After we were finished, we moved out of the hotel and went to every exotic Paris locations that we could that night. Not only that night, we roamed around the outskirts of the city next day too.

I was amazed. We had sex just for 1 time and she was more into travelling with me. I even asked her out of curiosity, “Hey, why are we not having sex? Is there anything wrong with me?

She laughed at me and said, “Not at all! Infact I had the best sex of my life with you the other night. I just want someone to listen to me. To travel with me in this beautiful city and spend quality time with me.” and then she kissed me.

That was the day when I realized that women who hire escorts are not necessarily looking for physical needs (not generalizing but speaking with my own experience of 4 and a half years in escort industry). In Toronto escorts, there are many male and female escorts who will love to share their perception of this escort world. As far as I am concerned, I’m just loving it in this industry. It has given me all the money with with I own a sweet 2 bedroom apartment in a city like Toronto.

People are the choices they make. I made a choice and it has turned out to be a good one for me.

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