7 Funny Tinder Bios That Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

Tinder has taken the world by storm. You can love it, you can hate it, but you cannot ignore it. What started in 2012 as an experiment has now become the world’s favourite dating app. Almost everyone we know is on tinder. It is the place where you go to when you need new friends or a date for the evening. The app’s interest based matching approach often gets you filtered matches, which can save you from a lot of hit and trials.

Despite all its popularity and people making profiles in all seriousness, we always come across a witty one every now and then. The signature puns and witty one liners often leave us in splits. So today we bring you some of the best profiles and conversations we came across in the recent times.

1. The Man From The Night’s Watch:

While we all are fans of the Game of Thrones, someone witty took it to the next level. The way he talks looks like he is someone who is really a member of the ‘watch’ and can’t let anything wrong go around. I hope he attends one of the parties I go to.


2. The One True Girl Of Everyone’s Dreams:

Everyone wants their stomach to be stuffed with food. And quite often we expect our partners to take care of it. A girl of every foodie’s dreams. I am waiting for her to show up on my tinder feed.


3. The Married Guy’s Fling

Because who doesn’t know telling others that you are married will get you laid. Isn’t it. At least this is what this gentleman thought. Adding three kids would just spice up the deal. And why wouldn’t you love to show up at his family events. Irresistable, isn’t he ?


4. Because Farts Is What We Are Here To Talk About:

Who doesn’t want to talk about farts on tinder. Don’t believe me, see the picture below. When eating is what you can think about all day, you are bound to think about its allied effects. And that is exactly what this tinder bio is all about. I bet you never thought about farts this way.


5. When All You Care About Is Nuggets:

Who doesn’t love nuggets. Who doesn’t love them on a date? I would love to have them on a date. So does this girl. When we involve the spirit of competition for eating nuggets, things get a little spicy. The prize is worth trying for though. You can see an escort when you wish though.


  1. When You Are Too Young To Have Done Everything:

When you have achieved everything that you have wanted to do, including living on five continents and what not, and all of this by the age of twenty nine. Who wouldn’t want to date you if all of this was true, well if it was.


7. Because Sixty Nine Is Everyone’s Favourite Number

Well, atleast I agree that one number that can give everyone a subtle arousal, that is undoubtedly sixty nine. Those who have experienced it have undoubtedly put it on their things to do list and always prefer it to be a part of their love making acts. Some people love it so much so that they put it on their bio.



So there you have it, the seven images we found that had us rolling in laughter and sometimes wondering if they were even serious or not. But one thing is certain, they did give us some good laughs.


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Communication Is The Key

You should absolutely not hesitate in discussing each and every detail of your booking. Usually agencies are open towards showing you the details of the girls and then letting you discuss the details of the bookings so that they can present you with an appropriate quote for your booking. It is also advised to communicate clearly because there might be extra costs associated with some activities that you are planning to do. So it is also advised to communicate as clearly as possible with the agency.

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Best Friends And Dates.

Friends are people to whom we choose to be close and tell our secrets. They feel happy for our happiness, console us when we experience bad times, give us advice when we face problems, and hang around with us. However, not all friends are close to us to the same degree; we might have tens of friends and some people might have hundreds, but there could be one or two whom we can call best friends. Best friends usually know every small detail about our life, so when we choose them we try to be very careful and we make sure they are worthy of our trust, which might take quite long time. Also, we might choose best friends after they do us a big favour or support us in a difficult situation. Our best friends most probably are the first people to tell when we experience a new love or have a date, and of course we care about their opinion or advice, but sometimes they might deceive us into giving the wrong advice, either because they are jealous, don’t want to lose us, or want to have our date.

To begin with, friends are humans, and no matter how faithful or honest they are, they still have negative qualities that all people have: jealousy, envy, greed, and lying. Jealousy is very common between friends, and the question” Why not me?” is very frequent when one of the friends gets a blessed thing including dating. The matter could be clearer or greater when one of the friends is sexy and likable, and the other one is the opposite, so by time the other friend might get upset and try to spoil their friends’ dates even though they love them.

In addition to jealousy, the fear of loss might push best friends to spoil their friends’ dates or convince them not to get into a relationship with someone, and tell them tens of stories about the failed relationships they know. When people start to date, their dates might consume a lot of their time and thinking, which leaves less time for their friends. For example, the friends are used to spend the weak-end shopping, hanging around, and having fun, but when one of them starts to date the other friend might feel lost and can’t endure the new situation for a long time.

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All in all, best friends are supposed to be great supporters and advisors when people are in need, and should be the ones who feel happy for their friends’ happiness. However, when it comes to dating, best friends could be the worst people to consult, for there are some feelings might overcome friendship, such as envy, fear of loss, and lust for their friends’ dates.

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