How It’s Like To Be A Male Escort in Toronto?

I know it is not unheard of but male escorts, though representing minority community in the escort industry, are in great demand in a diverse city like Toronto. I’m among those straight male Toronto escorts who chose to be what they are.

What if I tell you that being a straight male escort working for a reputed escort agency, I have 100% retention rate of my clients? Ladies love me. Maybe because I’m tall, handsome and have a great size but, they love spending time with me. Infact, forget about the size as the next thing which I’m about to tell you can blow your minds off!

One day I was sipping a cup of my regular coffee when I got a mail from my agency. A woman named Elisha (not the real name of-course) had hired my services with full payment upfront. She was in Paris and she paid $7000 for 2 days of my companionship. Yes, we make that sort of money.

Now, since this was my first trip to Paris, I was super excited. Although I knew what I was paid to do, I somehow was delighted to visit Paris. When I reached there and checked in to the hotel, Elisha came and locked the door. She was a 35-36 years old married woman with a splendid figure. She ordered some wine and we got drunk. She was quite friendly in nature and we got going. One thing let to another and we started kissing and making out. We made out atleast for 2 hours and had an intimate evening.

In my mind, it was a business trip with no scope of travelling the exotic locations of Paris but  this turned out to be exactly opposite of that. After we were finished, we moved out of the hotel and went to every exotic Paris locations that we could that night. Not only that night, we roamed around the outskirts of the city next day too.

I was amazed. We had sex just for 1 time and she was more into travelling with me. I even asked her out of curiosity, “Hey, why are we not having sex? Is there anything wrong with me?

She laughed at me and said, “Not at all! Infact I had the best sex of my life with you the other night. I just want someone to listen to me. To travel with me in this beautiful city and spend quality time with me.” and then she kissed me.

That was the day when I realized that women who hire escorts are not necessarily looking for physical needs (not generalizing but speaking with my own experience of 4 and a half years in escort industry). In Toronto escorts, there are many male and female escorts who will love to share their perception of this escort world. As far as I am concerned, I’m just loving it in this industry. It has given me all the money with with I own a sweet 2 bedroom apartment in a city like Toronto.

People are the choices they make. I made a choice and it has turned out to be a good one for me.

Making Your Bachelor Party Even More Awesome

Escorts have a very wide base of clients and they are expected to service a lot of different kind of fetishes. Not just that, their services too come in a wide range of different packages. You can hire an escort for a package of an hour, a couple of days or an entire vacation that you have been planning to go on. And similarly, you can also hire Toronto escorts for appearances at parties and other similar occasions.

Throwing a memorable bachelor party for a friend who is getting married sounds like the top job for the “Best Man” at the wedding, and due to the huge popularity and portrayal of bachelor parties in popular culture, people tend to get excited by just hearing the phrase. Naturally, the expectations of the invitees is very higher from every bachelor party. And hence, it becomes very important to throw the best bachelor party there ever can be.

A bachelor party can never be complete without two things, booze and someone who takes the clothes off. However, under such steamy circumstances, it is only natural that the demands of the clientele increases with the amount of alcohol in their system. If you have only hired a stripper, it could become difficult to accommodate the increasing demands, and the evening can turn unpleasant and can even be a disaster.

You can hire Toronto escorts for making an appearance at bachelor parties too. All you have got to do is call the agency and ask them about your requirements. The escorts are so professional and good at making bachelor parties more awesome, you wouldn’t believe. They have been doing it for years. There have been so many parties which have been saved by the escorts from being a disaster.

There are many benefits of hiring an escort in comparison to just a regular stripper, such as:

Escorts Are More Flexible:

Yes, you heard that right. Escorts tend to have more experience servicing in wide range of scenarios and hence they can always adapt to your growing needs of the evening. They would be more sincere to your requirements and you can simply discuss with them what you want, and she would be ready to go.

Escorts Are More Professional:

Escorts have been trained to understand the needs of their customers better, and they tend to take personal care in order to make the booking a success. So you can obviously expect more dedication from the escort in order to make your evening memorable.

You Get More With Escorts Than Just Stripping:

Well with an escort, you get more than just stripping. It is more probabilistic to assume that people can want more than just stripping. Instead of having to control yourself, you can go the full mile with an escort. Also, it never hurts to tip generously.

So whenever you are planning your next bachelor party, think of hiring an escort. With Toronto escorts, you don’t have to worry too much about anything, and you can sit back and relax, and just enjoy your evening to the full.

Escort Basics: Why Should I Hire Her Only?

There are a lot of misconceptions about escorts, and they range from everywhere to everywhere. Similarly, there are a lot of views attached with the perception of their profession too, but one thing remains the same, they are individuals who intend to serve their clients. Toronto escorts are the most sought after escorts in the entire area and their reputation for the services they offer is stellar. They boast of the best upscale escorts in the entire area.

An escort can done many possible roles for you. She can give you a full body sensual massage and become your personal masseuse. She can be your companion for the evening to the social event of the month or the year. She can give you the girlfriend experience. She can accompany you on tours and travel with you on vacations. Or she can simply be an escort. Whatever you might want from her, you are supposed to get, until the moment you ask nicely.

While it is indeed true that escorts can be a one stop solution to all your needs, it is also true that finding the right escort can be a painful task for you. You should always approach a reputed Toronto escorts agency for hiring an escort for the evening. Once you have placed the call, you need to find the right escort, and her and only her can satisfy your needs.

Finding Her:

In order to find the right escort for you, you need to first be sure of your expectations. You cannot expect to make in the moment decisions. You have to be absolutely sure of your needs. And you need to effectively communicate them to the agency so that they can recommend the best escort or the best options that you have. In most of the cases, you can then go to the agency’s website, for example Ace Toronto escorts, and then take a look at their profile, their prices and the full range of services they offer. Once you have selected the best available option, you can finalize the booking.

Why Should You Hire Her Only?

Because she is the perfect girl for you. Because she is the girl who can fulfill all your needs, and she is a master at what you crave. You cannot imagine finding the perfect match for all your intimate needs in your wildest fantasies, so when it looks like an escort can do that for you, stick to her. She is the best option that you have and she is the only one who can save your evening.

Your End Of The Bargain:

Once you have found the right girl, you need to work on yourself too. You have got to do some work to keep your end of the bargain. You cannot stink like a skunk and expect an escort to make passionate love to you. No, you need to work on yourself too. You need to look as clean and hygienic as possible. Trim your hair, shave your beard and unwanted hair and look neat. Make use of perfumes, they are there to make the process less tedious for your partner. A good perfume mixed with your musk can do wonders to the excitement level of your partner. And always remember, it takes two to make an evening memorable, but only one to ruin it.

How To Get Your Kinky Wishes Fulfilled With Toronto Escorts?

Many people are into things which are normally outside the comfort zone of an average person. Such people have difficulty realizing their fantasies because the probability of finding someone who enjoys the very same kinks is less as compared to just finding a partner. The worst part is when people realize their true desires after having committed to a person who is reluctant or adamant to give the fetishes of the person a go. As human sexuality is a continuously evolving process and it grows with the person, many people experiment with the kinks before getting to know their true interests. It is also fairly common to lose interest in a particular method and having it replaced by a completely new one. Having a partner who is willing to try aspect of it is really challenging if not tiring.

You cannot insist beyond a point in a relationship for your demands. Sooner or later, the person can realize this to be an unfair bearing on her part and this can have a damaging effect on the relationship. One better alternative is to hire an escort for the same services. It does not matter in which exact phase you are, whether you are experimenting or you are adamant about having a particular service, Toronto escorts can handle it all. They are the most classy and elite people you could meet otherwise. They have a reputation for the highest rate of client satisfaction and they can really take it all to make you feel worthy and satisfied.

The Toronto escorts solution have such a varied clientele, the escorts are so well behaved and educated about the various possibilities of having an encounter, you would be really surprised at the graceful way they can handle the situation. Once you have called the agency and have told them your demands, you can rest assured that your demands will be well taken care of. The more descriptive you are about the services you need, the better your chances will be of getting the most perfect custom tailored encounter. Do you really need a combination of more than one aspect, like a girl friend experience followed by a dominatrix encounter in bed, all you have to do is ask. You can customize every aspect of the encounter and that is the best part about it. Everything would go as you have expected it to go, and thus you would end up having the most memorable experience ever.

However, one aspect of such encounters which must be discussed is price. Some things are costlier than others. While some things would come at the price of add-ons for the evening, some aspects can just double or treble the cost of the bookings. It all heavily depends upon the details of the encounter and the escort in question. You can cover up each detail of your encounter at Ace Toronto escorts . The greater and more vivid you are about your kinks, the better are the chances of having a nice encounter. However, it is also important to discuss the one universal rule towards having memorable encounters with the bookings, and that is to be nice and courteous. Be polite, and ask before trying anything new, and we bet you would be surprised with the response you get.

Afraid Of Hiring An Escort? Here Are the Top 5 Things You Should Know About Escort Services in Toronto

There are so many people in this world who are afraid of hiring an escort. There are many factors responsible for this –Many a time the social stigma attached to the word ‘Escort’, while most other times the fear of getting caught and being in trouble. So we decided to bring a piece out about hiring an escort and busting the bubble about many notions in the minds of the people. Here are a few things that are worth your attention:

Hiring An Escort Is Just Like Hiring Any Other Agency

Yes, you heard it right! Hiring an escort service in Toronto is just like hiring any other service. You hire them because you have a need which you need fulfilled, and they are the people who do it the best.  It’s just like hiring any other service. You do not have either the time or the means to fulfill a purpose and hence you need to hire someone else for a little help.

Escorts Are Professionals

Escorts, whether asked through an agency or individually are professionals. They know their job and mostly are on the same page as your expectations. They have serviced many clients like you before and they would have a very open and professional outlook towards what they are going to do. So there is absolutely no need for you to worry. All you have got to do is to relax and let them do their job.

An Escort’s Service Is A Reflection Of Your Behavior

Many people complain about having a bad experience. What they often don’t do is look for the reasons. Many people do not show proper manners, try to abuse or even try to get out of paying by some kind of blackmailing. Obviously this won’t let them have a good service. So when you have hired a top notch escort service, you should show your absolute best behavior once the escort shows at your door. The better you present yourself, the better you get served.

Going Through A Recommended Agency Is Sometimes Better

If someone you know, recommends an agency and compliments them for their service, its often advisable to move ahead with such an agency for your first booking. However you always have to be on alert for protecting your interests. You should not in any way put yourself at an disadvantage. Having someone close recommend an agency also reduces the chances of any shock to you. It is also advised to ask as many relevant questions as possible from the referrer to get to know the service of the agency better and plan your evening better.

Communication Is The Key

You should absolutely not hesitate in discussing each and every detail of your booking. Usually agencies are open towards showing you the details of the girls and then letting you discuss the details of the bookings so that they can present you with an appropriate quote for your booking. It is also advised to communicate clearly because there might be extra costs associated with some activities that you are planning to do. So it is also advised to communicate as clearly as possible with the agency.

So we have discussed all the important pointers here, and are now just waiting for you to ditch the social stigma and go ahead and hire a memorable evening for yourself.


A Typical Day In The Life Of An Escort

While almost all of the attention of people gets into the services they offer and the money they earn , barely, if any people ever venture into thinking what kind of people escorts really are and what kind of lives they usually lead. There are questions like if the people around them know they are into this kind of a profession or they lead two different lives, totally separate from each other. As far as the general demographics are concerned, most of the escorts in the younger age bracket are students or newly working professionals who have chosen to join this line of profession either because of the lucrative pay or because of the thrill it provides. Yes, it is indeed true that many professionals are into this type of work because of the rush it provides, or just to break the monotony of their lives.

In order to understand what a typical day for an escort involves, here is a generalized summary of answers provided by many escorts who have been asked this question. The morning usually starts with a light breakfast and some exercise, since it is almost mandatory for them to stay in good shape. This is followed by usual work hours in the office or going to college if they are students. For most of the married escorts, this involves staying at home and taking care of their children. The usual escort lifestyle starts usually after 6 p.m. in the evening. They generally report to their escort Toronto services agency where they are shown the details of prospective clients and they provide their approval to the client. This is followed by dressing up sharply for the occasion and then boarding a car which is usually designated for the specific purpose of dropping and receiving escorts to the venue of the client.

Sometime more than one escort can travel together if they are going to be serving in the same locality. Most of the time, the driver is also the in-charge of the security and well being of the escorts while on outcalls. Once reaching the venue of the client the escort usually provides an acknowledgement of her safety to her agency as well as her driver. Then after having received the money, the usual business proceeds. The escort then spends the designated amount of time as per their prior arrangement and the usual expected things take place. Once the designated time is over, the escort makes a call to the driver and the driver picks her up. If she has other engagements for the evening, she then proceeds to the next client and this process continues till all the bookings have been catered to.

Once all the bookings have been finished, the escorts then proceed to the agency or their homes in the vehicles of their choice. Depending upon the constraints, they may or may not take agency provided transportation. Usually once they are in their homes, they are pretty exhausted and proceed to sleep quickly before running some usual errands. While for some escorts, bodily marks are not a deal breaker, most of the escorts avoid doing anything that could leave a mark on their body because this can lead to problems in their personal life. One thing that is common to all best top notch escorts is that they tend to avoid any risk of getting exposed to a disease at all costs.

Having an idea about the usual day in the life of an escort can usually help you in having a good conversation starter while you are hiring one.

Elite Escorts Of Toronto

Business and pleasure may not always mix. This is because sometimes business pose so much pressure on an individual so that they cannot find time to escape the office and have fun. When eventually one gets some time off, they may only be able to squeeze only a short time to fun as they have other obligations especially to their families. This is why most people find it worth it to have some short escapades where they engage in entertaining activities that do not consume much time yet offers them the gratification they seek.


Toronto is a city that has diverse business empires that capitalize on its high population as well as its high immigrant’s influx. This means that there are many business meetings and functions in this city as there foreign tourists. This combination of individuals most certainly pushes the demand for entertainment as they search for new and exciting activities to engage in for the time they are free. It is for this reason that the escorting business has gained root in this city. The escorts provide an alternative form of entertainment to these moneyed gentlemen as it offers a clean and non controversial way for the men to satisfy their needs. These men find in the escorts’ agencies the pleasures that they desired

These clients however, are hard to please as they do not settle for low quality. This has prompted some escort agencies to specifically provide services to this calibre of clients only. By specializing on the upscale escort, the agency is able to ensure high quality of service delivery right from the very beginning. The clients are mostly concerned with their security, safety in terms of the medical conditions of the escorts as well as the level of confidentiality placed on these dealings. Such conditions are what an agency like Toronto escort Agency has to observe I order to be able to serve their clients.

This agency has ensured that its services are all professionally delivered and that the agency is run professionally. This they have achieved by ensuring high standards of human relations between the agency’s management, the companions as well as their clients. The companions are treated with respect and are given the best in terms of support so that they are able to work effectively. They comprise a diverse group of women who are ready to give a man pleasure by being their companion. Companionship entails a whole range of sensual delicacies which ensures the client leaves a happy man

The agency’s charges are based on the companion chosen. The level of education, the looks of the woman as well as her sophistication will determine how much a client pays per hour. A client who has a superb record of pleasing men will also fetch more as she almost always has her schedule packed. Toronto escort Agency has therefore managed to rise above the other agencies in provision of escorting services. The best thing about them also, is that all information about them and their gorgeous escorts can be found on their up to date website.

Best Friends And Dates.

Friends are people to whom we choose to be close and tell our secrets. They feel happy for our happiness, console us when we experience bad times, give us advice when we face problems, and hang around with us. However, not all friends are close to us to the same degree; we might have tens of friends and some people might have hundreds, but there could be one or two whom we can call best friends. Best friends usually know every small detail about our life, so when we choose them we try to be very careful and we make sure they are worthy of our trust, which might take quite long time. Also, we might choose best friends after they do us a big favour or support us in a difficult situation. Our best friends most probably are the first people to tell when we experience a new love or have a date, and of course we care about their opinion or advice, but sometimes they might deceive us into giving the wrong advice, either because they are jealous, don’t want to lose us, or want to have our date.

To begin with, friends are humans, and no matter how faithful or honest they are, they still have negative qualities that all people have: jealousy, envy, greed, and lying. Jealousy is very common between friends, and the question” Why not me?” is very frequent when one of the friends gets a blessed thing including dating. The matter could be clearer or greater when one of the friends is sexy and likable, and the other one is the opposite, so by time the other friend might get upset and try to spoil their friends’ dates even though they love them.

In addition to jealousy, the fear of loss might push best friends to spoil their friends’ dates or convince them not to get into a relationship with someone, and tell them tens of stories about the failed relationships they know. When people start to date, their dates might consume a lot of their time and thinking, which leaves less time for their friends. For example, the friends are used to spend the weak-end shopping, hanging around, and having fun, but when one of them starts to date the other friend might feel lost and can’t endure the new situation for a long time.

Finally, best top notch escorts friends might try to steal their friend’s dates for different reasons, such as they fall in love with the dates, or the latter have such qualities that make them a dream for everybody: so reach, sexy, or famous that friends could sacrifice their friendship in order to own the dates. Therefore, it is advisable that people don’t over praise their dates in front of their friends assuming that they must be very happy for them. Although it looks like Hollywood stuff, it is very frequent in reality, for most of the movies material is derived from real life.

All in all, best friends are supposed to be great supporters and advisors when people are in need, and should be the ones who feel happy for their friends’ happiness. However, when it comes to dating, best friends could be the worst people to consult, for there are some feelings might overcome friendship, such as envy, fear of loss, and lust for their friends’ dates.

Enjoy business tours along amid of the Toronto escorts

Most of the times people have to stay away from their family due to the work and also there are various work tours, due to which majority of men don’t marry in order to stay away from the family. But now, even bachelors can also have the fun and enjoy working on the tours. All this is possible due to the help of the Toronto escorts and so you too can also enjoy with the escort Toronto services. Once you visit to the Toronto you could also book the Toronto escort for you too and just have the fun with the Toronto escorts.

The other best thing about all these escorts Toronto is that they are completely beautiful and also their personality is completely stunning. You would also love to go for the meeting with the escorts Toronto is due to their intelligence and also talent hidden in them. Their skin is just glowing naturally and so one would surely get attracted to such Toronto escorts and have the complete fun. As well as, you could also be completely satisfied with these escorts and also have the fun with them and also can focus on your work as you get completely relaxed.

The other thing you can know about the Toronto escort is that they are coming from different backgrounds and also they are well educated. All the escorts Toronto are also relaxing your mind and also you could experience the fun all the time and have the memorable business tour in the midst of the Toronto escort. Other than this the best thing is that you could also book the appointment with them in advance also and thus do not hindrance in spending a quantity of the quality time of your life and enjoying and having the fun and complete pleasure.

The Legality of an Escort Agency in Toronto

Prostitution involves one person engaging in sexual acts for money. In some countries, states, cities and regions of the world, such as the Netherlands, prostitution is legal. Some countries, such as Canada, allow certain forms of prostitution. Although Canadian law hasn’t always found certain types of prostitution to be legal, a decision by the Ontario Court of Appeals in March 2012 will make it possible for people to operate prostitution agencies and brothels in Toronto and other parts of the country. Although Canadian citizens can own brothels, the Toronto escorts and the owners need to adhere to certain national laws on prostitution.

Starting in 2013, people will be allowed to own escort agencies, brothels and “bawdy houses” in Canada, but the Toronto escorts working within their businesses have to be at least 18 years old. Anyone who owns a prostitution establishment with sex workers under 18 years old could face imprisonment under section 212(2) of Canadian federal law. Owners will need to make sure that sexual acts take place inside the brothels when changes to Canadian federal law take effect in 2013. Under the new law, prostitution is only allowed within the confines of organized indoor establishments. Once prostitution becomes legal, people can operate brothels in any province or city in Canada.
Although Canadian law will allow brothels and prostitution agencies, it will not allow people to serve as pimps. If a person actively seeks out prostitutes and promises them certain protections, such as physical protection, for monetary compensation, he could be considered a “pimp” under Canadian law. If someone operated a brothel, he could be convicted of breaking Canadian law if he engaged in certain acts, such as physically harming prostitutes or getting sex workers to recruit for him, while running the establishment. The new Canadian law will allow prostitutes to hire bodyguards or security to protect them. Owners could hire someone to protect the women or men who work within their brothels or escort agencies.

According to Canadian law, all sexual acts and forms of propositioning need to take place inside the confines of brothels. Although a person will be able to run a brothel, he will need to make sure that the prostitutes who work within the confines of the brothel don’t solicit prostitution on the streets. The owner of the brothel and/or the sex worker would be breaking Canada’s solicitation law, put in place in 1972, if a prostitute tries to sell sexual favors in public spaces, such as on public sidewalks or street corners.